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[Oct. 8th, 2006|09:51 pm]
Sewper Heroes


Who: Yamato and Tobi
When: 13 o' clock
Summary: Yamato and Tobi do things.

Tobi: *wonders around the moonbase, looking out the windows* WHY AREN'T THERE ANY BUTTERFLIES UP HERE?! ;_

Yamato: *randomly appears from behind a vending machine* Because it's the moon.

So it only has moths? *looks out the window to see if he can see any moths*

Yamato: *stupidest look ever* It doesn't have any bugs

Tobi: O_ What?!?! Why? *on the verge of tears*

Yamato: Because it's the moon? *wonders how many times Tobi fell off the short bus*

Tobi: *blinks* Oh yeeeeaaah *about 15*

Yamato: >_> Anyways, how long have you been fighting crime? *been to too many online dating services*

Tobi: Umm *counts on his fingers* lets see I'm 25 now and it was when....A year .D

Yamato: Wow, a whole year. *feels he has to treat him like a special needs kid* And what is your power?

Tobi: I have the power to mess things up! .D Unfortunantly it works on me more often then the villians D:

Yamato: *officially thinks he's retarded* That's a cool power. Want some crackers?

Tobi: *offically is retarded* Crackers? Yay!!! .DDD No not really, I'm not hungry

Yamato: D: Oh *already pulled made a huge plate of cracker and cracker sammiches*

Tobi: I'm sorry. I would feed them to the bugs so they don't go to waste, but there are not bugs on the moon ;_

Yamato: I'd bring them back to Earth, but I don't know how practical bringing a plate of crackers through the tranzporter is.

Tobi: What if they got all mixed up with you though? Like with your dna... Would you become cracker man?

Yamato: I don't know. That's something to try *devious look*

Tobi: *wonders why Yamato's face suddenly looks evil* I say we uh...test that out on uh...transgender man

Yamato: Oh um... yeah him *would rather have someone who didn't turn into a sexy lady be made of crackers*

Tobi: I maybe you? .D but you know...Not me, cause my powers might mess it up or someting *not real reason but...*

Yamato: Ew I'm not trying that out on myself!

Tobi: What about the cheese girl? Then we could have cheese and crackers .D

Yamato: Cheese goes well with crackers. Good idea!

Tobi: Yeah! Now we just have to get her to agree to it.

Yamato: She has to, it's in the name of justice.

Tobi: Yeah! Exactly! *doesn't really see the logic, but pretends to anyways*

Yamato: Great! *claps hands* Let's go find her! *wanders over to a big ball room that's like 400 fig long for no reason and sits in a wheelchair* The walkway is really tinty, so don't fall off. There are spikes at the bottom.

Tobi: *lays down and crawls across the walkway as to not die a horrible death on the doom spikes* Why are things set up in such a dangerous way? ;_

Yamato: *remembers back to when he and the architect Big Fat Retarded Bill had a javelin throwing contest in the room* I have no idea.

Tobi: You might want to get it fixed though. *finally gets to the center and stands up next to yamato* By the way...Why are you sitting in a wheelchair? Did you suddenly become crippled?

Yamato: It's a requirement to use this machine. *puts on a bike helmet with Barney on it and wires taped to the side that do nothing*

Tobi: Ohhh *wonders why there is a big gay purple dinosaur on it* *decides it's best not to ask* How does it work?

Yamato: You press all these buttons *doesn't know what he's doing and mashes all of them* And you think really hard about who you're trying to find *doesn't know her name so thinks of cheese* *little blobs show up on this big map of Canada*

Tobi: hey!!! That looks like uncle bill! *points to a blue blob*

Yamato: What? *gets distracted and a bunch of porno shows up*

Tobi: Uncle Bill! He likes to eat cheetos

Yamato: Oh yeah, totally! *tries to cover up the porn by thinking about puppies*

Tobi: *looks at porn* Heyyyy! What is that man doing to that other man and that midget?

Yamato: WHAT MEN? *the screen changes back to a bunch of random blobs* *Yamato thinks too hard and like 500 of them pop* ((*_*))

Tobi: What happened to the little blobs? And where is uncle bill?

Yamato: The machine is broken *takes off the helmet and throws it down the pit* *Is going to make sure no one watches the news tonight*

Tobi: Oh Okay then .o It's a shame about the machine though

Yamato: Yeah. Never come in here again. *writes 'used tampon room' on a piece of paper and tapes it to the door*

Tobi: Why? .o *wonders what a tampon is*

Yamato: Because the machine is broken >_>

Tobi: But maybe I could try to fix it?

Yamato: Nobody can fix it we're just going to have to get a new one *starts pushing him away from it*

Tobi: Really? Are you sure? Here let me see. *tries to get around Yamato to the machine*

Yamato: No >( you're not allowed in there anymore.

Tobi: Awwww ;_ okay *slowly walks away*

Yamato: *looks around to make sure no one else saw* *sees a janitor walking by and shoots him in the face* >_> *throws his body in the machine room*

Tobi: O_ ?!?!?! Why did you do that?!?!?

Yamato: He was a villain! *sweating alot*

Tobi: Really? .o Okay then

Yamato: Yeah let's not tell anyone about this.

Tobi: Oh! Is it because he is a secret villian and only you knew he was a villian?

Yamato: Yes that's why.

Tobi: Okay! Good thing you were here then! I wouldn't have known

Yamato: Isn't being a hero great? *hides the crackers so he doesn't ask about the machine again*

Tobi: Yeah! I bet we saved like...501 innocent people's lives by taking that guy out .D

Yamato: *almost pees his pants* YES WE SAVED LOTS OF PEOPLE TODAY GOOD JOB.

Tobi: Yay .D We did a good thing. Espically you Yamato! You're a good guy

Yamato: *tears welling up* Well no one's perfect, just remember that.

Tobi: *offers him hanky* Don't be so modest

Yamato: *dabs his eyes and strikes a pose* WE ARE ONLY HUMAN AFTER ALL

Tobi: *strikes a pose as well for the hell of it* OKAY! .D

Yamato: Let's go get pizza ><

Tobi: Yay! Pizza! Can we get it with extra cheese?

Yamato: No. >_>

Tobi: Why not? .(

Yamato: Becasue I'm poor.

Tobi: Oh *sadness* Oh well! Pizza! .D

Yamato: *climbs in the teleporter and puts in the Dominos Pizza number that he has memorized*

Tobi: *jumps in next to him, hoping that he won't fuse with him or something weirdass like that*

Narrator: And then they got to Earth safely. The end.

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