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The year is 2006. The city of Metrotham, an obvious New York rip-off, is experiencing an influx of crime unlike any other. The villains are stronger and smarter than the police. They wear ridiculous costumes, and always leave calling cards. The cities only hope are an emerging breed of vigilantes calling themselves the Super Heroes. Together in the Apartment of Justice this small team worked side by side to rid Metrotham of its heinous plague.

But before they knew it, this newfangled supercrime spread to areas outside the city. Sun Coast, Silver City, and randomly Quebec were all infected with dastardly devils intent on stealing from every jewel store in town. The Super Heroes knew what they had to do.

Today, the human race is watched over by a large group of heroes circling Earth from their Hall of Justice on the moon. They hold daily trials and read through applications of wannabe heroes, as well as kick meteor ass and take breaks for coffee. The times are tough, but the heroes are tougher. Good luck.

1. You can take any character you want. However, if you're taking a really retardedly small character like Genyuumaru or Sakumo or something, you should either make them the hugest Sue ever or really cool. There is no in between.

2. No OOC drama. OOC drama is lame, and if you have it, then like wow, don't bring it into the comm or I'll cut you.

3. Don't be OOC with your characters. If Hinata starts being a douchebag to everyone and their grandmother, I won't hesitate to stab you in the eye. Unless you make Hinata a douche as her permanent character, which is funny enough that I wouldn't care.

4. Don't get pissy. If you get ANGERED because you think Orochimaru should wear hoops instead of studs, kill the person who plays Orochimaru and take their place.

5. No forcing OTPs or relationships on anybody.

6. Oh my god use spelling and grammar checks. I understand if you're a crappy speller like me, or you make a lot of typos, but if u type leik dis in all ur posts you will be drawn and quartered.

7. Either be funny or be good. Or both, which is nice. If all you do is wank and suck and be lame and say 'SMEX KAWAII LOLZ' all the time in a non-humourous way, no one will like you. If you suck and think you're really funny but actually suck, we'll cut out your ovaries and send them to you in the future.

13. Put 'Kawaii Lumberjack-San' as the header for your application so I know you read the rules.

9. If your character is doing something around base that would be of interest to or affect other people, post what's going on in the OOC comm. It makes for more interaction and laughs. Idea robbed from therealkonoha and thecityofdevils

10. All major missions/plots will be issued by justice_monitor, but feel free to put up your own without asking. I mean unless it's something huge like "Lolz teh base bloo up" in which case I would punch your stomach and abort your baby if you didn't ask first.

11. Rule number 10 does not excuse you from posting in your journal. Character's thoughts and feelings, as well as past events should be posted in journals at least once a week.